• This is a new industry project course designed for Australian Year 9 students
  • The student classroom is here, which is also a great place for teachers to start learning about the course
  • At this time, the course is only available to schools formally working with CS in Schools. If you are an Australian school, and would like to explore joining CS in Schools please visit this page
  • At this time, there is only one project offered in partnership with Carsales.com
  • This course assumes intermediate coding knowledge. Students and teachers should have completed our introductory course and intermediate course before attempting this course
  • This course is in beta testing with several schools, and new lessons are being published weekly in the first half of 2021
  • The course meets many of the requirements of the Australian Digital Technology Curriculum for Year 9 and 10 students. Draft coverage is here
  • The course is designed for classes of two hours per week over twenty weeks, that is, forty hours in total

Using the Shortcut URLs

  • All of the materials are accessible at https://year9.io
  • We have created shortcuts that make it easy for you and your students to get directly to the right materials:
    • There’s a video that covers the core lesson content for teachers and students. Example: https://year9.io/1sv
    • If there are slides, the slides link combines lesson number and “s”. Example: https://year9.io/2s
    • The worksheet link combines lesson number and a “w”. Example: https://year9.io/1w
    • A second (and so on) worksheet link combines lesson number and a “w2” or “w3”. Example: https://year9.io/1w2
    • The folder that contains all of the above lesson materials has only a number. Example: https://year9.io/2

The folder that contains everything is: https://year9.io/home